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UPDATE ON VFW NATIONAL RESOLUTION 630 (formerly 639-2012 and 628-2010): Our Post resolution, which is a Department Resolution, has been approved by the VFW 116th National Convention. This is the fourth time and we do not want to lose this opportunity! We're working hard to get our members’ Senators and Representatives to sponsor a bill to bring this issue before Congress. Right now, it is very important that you contact your senators and representatives and ask them to sponsor a bill in support of it.

If you're unsure who to contact, here is a list of members of Congress by State Zip Codes:

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Contacting the Congress

Below is a sample letter to your elected officials:


Dear Representative _________________________________,

I am a veteran who supports expanded medical coverage for my fellow veterans who reside and travel abroad. I support the Proposed Amendment to the VA Foreign Medical Program (FMP) (38 U.S.C. 1724) to all-inclusive medical services for VA rated 100% disabled veterans. These veterans are medically un-insurable, denied and/or presented with exorbitant and unaffordable premium costs by local and international private insurers.

This amendment to the FMP would not incur any additional cost to the VA or U.S. Tax payers.

I ask that you support and effect legislation to bring this life saving change in the FMP into law. Sincerely,
Signed: __________________


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