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VFW Department Of The Pacific "Typhoon" Newsletter

VA Central Office - Veterans Health Patient Advocate - 202-461-7252 VETERAN RELATED TELEPHONE CONTACTS

VA Secretary - VA Central Office - 202-273-5674

Direct Deposit - VA Nat Direct Deposit Center - 877-838-2778

Appeals Management Center - 866-258-0341

Education Claims - Processing Office - 888-442-4551

Telecommunications Device For The Deaf - VARO - 800-829-4833

Overpayments - Debt Management Center, St Paul - 800-827-0648

Retired Pay, Reporting Death - DFAS - 800-321-1080

Pension Maintenance Center - 877-294-6380

Veterans Benefits Administration - 202-273-5400
Social Security Administration - 800-772-1213
Military Records - National Archives - 866-272-6272
Court Of Appeals/Vets Claims - 202-501-5970
Gulf War Veterans Illnesses - 800-749-8387
Health Care Benefits - 877-222-8387
Health Care Eligibility - 800-929-8387
Healh Care Overseas - 877-345-8179
Agent Orange Info - 800-749-8387
Spina Bifida VHA Center - 888-820-1756
Suicide Prevention - 800-273-8255
Headstones And Markers - 800-697-6947
Arlington National Cemetery - 703-607-8000
Insurance - SGLI/VGLI - 800-419-1473
Survivor Benefit Plan - Retirees - 800-321-1080
VA Insurance Center - 800-669-8477
CHAMPVA Health Administration Center - 800-733-8387
TRICARE Health Insurance Homepage - 800-444-5445
Loan Guaranty Helpline - 888-611-5916
Small Business Administration - 800-827-5722
SBA - VA Ctr For Vets Enterprise - 866-584-2344
Retired Pay, Military (EXC CG) DFAS - 800-321-1080
CRSC - USN/USMC - 877-366-2772
CRSC - USA - 866-281-3254
DEERS - 800-538-9552
Department of Veterans Affairs Home Page Military Handbooks
Veterans Legal and Benefits Information
Directory of Veterans Service Organizations
Board of Veterans Appeals
Center for Minority Veterans
Center for Women Veterans
Environmental Agents
Gulf War/Iraqi Freedom Vets DU Exposure Handbook (download)
Forms and Records Request
Geriatrics and Extended Care
Guide to Gulf War Veterans Health (PDF)
Guideline for Chronic Pain and Fatigue MUS-CPG
Gulf War Veterans Illnesses (PDF)
JUSMAGTHAI - Retiree Activities Office Newsletter
James Tichacek's RAO Bulletins - Website Editions
Email James Tichacek to have the RAO Bulletin delivered to your inbox
Mental Disorders, Schedule of Ratings (download)
My Health-e-Vet
Nat. Assn. of State Directors of Veterans Services
National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis - Awards and Decorations
Neurological Conditions and Convulsive Disorders, Schedule of Ratings (download)
Title 38 - Peacetime Disability Compensation
VA Records Center and Vault
Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Illnesses 2004
See also, Depleted Uranium Fact Sheet (DOC file)
Reserve and National Guard Retirement Pay (Point) System
VA Practice Manual for PTSD Examinations (.pdf)
VA Hearings Information (download)
VA Loan Lending Limits and Jumbo Loans
VA National Hepatitis C Program
VA Office of Research and Development
Gulf War Health Issues Readings
Veteran Health Care - Military Benefits -
VFW Store - Home Page
Veterans Health Admin Forms, Publications & Manuals
VBA Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Program
Veterans Online Application System
Book C - Schedule for Rating Disabilities
Title 38 - Wartime Disability Compensation
VFW Action Corps Weekly


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