On January 17, 2008 Post 12074 was installed in Chiang Mai at the Grandview Hotel, and named in honor of Squadron Leader John "Scarsdale Jack" Newkirk, who was killed in action near Chiang Mai during the Second World War. The US Consul General, Michael Morrow, was on hand to celebrate with the more than 70 veterans in attendance, together with VFW Department and District Commanders, Department staff from Korea, members of the Pattaya, Bangkok and Udon posts, wives and friends of the Chiang Mai members, and many of the regional VFW staff. The local media were also out in force, confirming the significance of the new Post. The swearing-in of officers and members of the Chiang Mai Post was conducted by Rhett Webber, the Department of the Pacific Area Commander. James Oden, the District 5 Commander, gave the prayer. Michael Morrow gave a brief address, with words of praise and admiration for the Post's establishment in Chiang Mai.


2016 - 2017
Commander Robert Engborg
Senior Vice John Hampton
Junior Vice Tom Bourdeaux
Quartermaster Roscoe Butler
All State Post 2015 - 2016
Commander Allan Gariano
Senior Vice Ernie Mayeaux
Junior Vice Frank Chura
Quartermaster Roscoe Butler
2014 - 2015
Commander Bill Horner
Senior Vice Allan Gariano
Junior Vice Ernie Mayeaux
Quartermaster J Sapp
2013 - 2014
Commander Bill Horner
Senior Vice Robert Engborg
Junior Vice Allan Gariano
Quartermaster J Sapp
2012 - 2013
Commander Robert Engborg
Senior Vice Bill Horner
Junior Vice Thomas Kricos
Quartermaster J Sapp
2011 - 2012
Commander Michael Glatz
Senior Vice Robert Engborg
Junior Vice Joe Nelms
Quartermaster J Sapp
All State Post 2010 - 2011
(Split Term)
Commander 2011 Michael Glatz
Senior Vice 2011 John Cosentino
Junior Vice 2011 Larry Edmonds
Quartermaster 2011 J Sapp
Commander 2010 Michael Holmes
Senior Vice 2010 Michael Glatz
Junior Vice 2010 Vinnie Francis
Quartermaster 2010 J Sapp
All American Post 2009 - 2010
Commander Michael Holmes
Senior Vice Michael Glatz
Junior Vice John Cosentino
Quartermaster J Sapp
Chartered 2008 - 2009
Commander Michael Holmes
Senior Vice Leonard Cozzo
Junior Vice Michael Glatz
Quartermaster J Sapp
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